March 7, 2009

Cats in Bras.

I'm loving this. Have you ever seen a cat in a bra before? I haven't. Not unless you count those harness things that look like bras (see below).  Quite the sassy Cornish Rex model there. 

Vintage Transfer Finds has some amazing embroidery patterns, including a matching dog in boxer shorts.

Kamsahamnida, MoMA!

MoMA has a limited release collection of Seoul's cutest and finest highlighting "young, emerging" designers based in the city and "reflecting Korea's cultural interest in color and nature...a modern spin on traditional Korean design and crafting."

My favorites are the bird porcelainwares of Daniel Jo- salt and pepper shakers and a sweet candy bowl:

(ps- they're dishwasher safe!)

And Mi-Jung Ju's Kitty Chalkboard and Dreaming Camera Case:

I actually own the Dreaming Camera Case- I bought it at rEDCLOUDY at the Ssamziegil in Insadong. Half the reason I bought it is for the box it came in, covered in cats and bunnies and monkeys using their bags and taking pictures of random things. It's too pretty to be beaten up by me using it as a purse/camerabag, so it proudly sits on my bookcase instead. I'm glad to see that that little red shop is doing so well!