November 26, 2009

The Random Cat Project

I can't believe that I've never mentioned The Random Cat Project blog on here before, but it's pretty much my new obsession. They've actually beat me to publishing my lifelong dream of traveling the world and taking pictures of native cats, but I'm not bitter! In fact, I religiously follow this truly sincere and dedicated account of those wonderful times when a strange cat crosses your path.

I've submitted a few pictures of cats that I've found in my travels, and the little tabby dude from Tokushima's cat shrine made the cut! He was quite elusive and had a very mystical air about him, but he had no problem happily eating the offerings of cat food sitting on the altar. Check out his full profile.

November 19, 2009

Night Kitties


This picture is so eerily beautiful. I love moments when I'm walking at night and see two glowing orbs peeking back at me. I can't even imagine seeing thirty-three (yes, I counted) pairs of eyes at once. Found via Palms Out Sounds Remix Sunday #137. Highly recommended for dance parties on rainy days.

November 15, 2009

Cats and Theremins

Hine Mizushima's handmade dolls, plushes, and utilitarian iphone and ipod cases melt my heart. I'm currently obsessing over this photo, a still from a very informative music video she directed for They Might Be Giants.

Not only is this cat playing a theremin, it's in a BERET! Who doesn't love berets, let alone cats wearing them? I, personally, have a beret for every outfit.

If you didn't already know that cats love theremins, may both her work and this Japanese video convince you. Learn more about Hine from her website, Flickr, and store.