August 17, 2009

We Say Meow

Hi hi! Sorry for the sporadic updates once again. Things are finally settling down for me with my cross-country move. It's going to take a while to make my new place feel like a real home, but I love the neighborhood and it's fantastic to be back in a city I love. There's even a cat that is constantly stopping by our front step. We called him "Drools" at first since he drools when he purrs. I swear I've heard somewhere that some cats drool when they're happy. It turns out that his real name is actually Beethoven, which makes sense as he's a honker of a cat. Kind of the opposite of my cat, Emma, who is tiny and has very little fur:

I wanted to share a new favorite blog dedicated to artists who feature cats in their work and are cat owners as well. we say meow is so adorable and well-curated. My favorite Etsian, Penguin and Fish, is featured here. Every time I open Google Reader, I scroll down to see if they've updated. I constantly am in kitty-withdrawl!

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